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By implementing our disciplined investment principals, we manage and invest assets by realizing the difference between assets’ stock prices and their fundamental intrinsic values. We focus on quality companies that have committed to build and grow shareholders value over time by effectively using their capital resources. We achieve our goals by building customized individually managed portfolios according to our clients’ needs, that consist of investment risk tolerance, objective, time horizon, tax situation, and liquidity need. Compared to traditional individual and mutual fund investing, these customized portfolios are more effective and efficient in building net wealth. In addition, they also embody the added benefit of much more personalized lines of communication.

Investment process

Using a disciplined investment process, Highlands Asset Management creates a truly customized investment portfolio. Our experience & research provides an investment pathway, that captures the intrinsic value of assets that guide our investment selections.

Portfolio management

Using these selections, we build a custom Managed Investment Portfolio (MIP) which reflects the client investment goal. Going forward, the MIP is continously managed according to the client's stated goals.

Wealth format

Highlands Asset Management investment pathway utilizes a unique approach that we believe is a more effective wealth generator than traditional investing methods.

Investment products

The MIP created will refect the investment aims and goals of our valued clients:

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Custom products...

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